Vue.js 3 Design Patterns and Best Practices

Written by P.D.Garaguso. Published on by Pakt Ltd.

This book reached the #3 best seller position in Germany one week after his release.

Key Features

  • Learn software engineering best practices and design patterns and apply them effectively to your Vue applications
  • Build both SPAs and PWAs using Web Workers and IndexedDB
  • Develop, test, build, and deploy your Vue 3 applications to a real production server

Book Description

If you’re familiar with the progressive Vue framework for creating responsive user interfaces, you’ll be impressed with its latest iteration, Vue 3, which introduces new concepts and approaches design patterns that are uncommon in other libraries or frameworks. By building on your foundational knowledge of Vue 3 and software engineering principles, this book will enable you to evaluate the trade-offs of different approaches to building robust applications.

This book covers Vue 3 from the basics, including components and directives, and progressively moves on to more advanced topics such as routing, state management, web workers, and offline storage. Starting with a simple page, you’ll gradually build a fully functional multithreaded, offline, and installable progressive web application.

By the time you finish reading this Vue book, not only will you have learned how to build applications, but you’ll also understand how to solve common problems efficiently by applying existing design patterns. With this knowledge, you’ll avoid reinventing the wheel for every project, saving time and creating software that’s adaptable to future changes.

What you will learn

  • Discover the full potential of the powerful and progressive Vue 3 framework
  • Explore software principles and design patterns to build maintainable applications
  • Create an efficient development environment using Vite and optimize your code and workflow
  • Identify and apply proven design patterns to solve common problems in your web application’s architecture
  • Refactor your codebase to improve your application’s organization, scalability, and maintainability
  • Follow best practices for your code, organization, architecture, and user experience implementation

Who this book is for

This book is for Vue.js developers who are passionate about framework design principles and seek to apply commonly found design patterns to their web development projects. This book assumes prior knowledge of JavaScript and a basic understanding of Vue.js, making it an ideal resource for developers looking to expand their existing skillset.

Table of Contents

  1. The Vue 3 Framework
  2. Software Design Principles and Patterns
  3. Setting Up a Working Project
  4. User Interface Composition with Components
  5. Single-Page Applications
  6. Progressive Web Applications
  7. Data Flow Management
  8. Multithreading with Web Workers
  9. Testing and Source Control
  10. Deploying Your Application
  11. Bonus Chapter - UX Patterns
  12. Appendix

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