Escape the Orion

Written by P.D.Garaguso. Published on by Amazon

Roger needs your help!

The crew of the banana class spacecraft “Orion” abandoned ship, but they left behind Roger, the janitor. Alone, and armed only with your help, he must survive or die in space, where no one can hear you mop the floor.

Will he make it? Will he turn into alien sushi? It is up to you to save him or not.

”Escape the Orion - Roger’s adventure in space” is a comedic interactive fiction story, filled with humor and memorable descriptions. Use your experience from classic science fiction and popular culture to figure out what Roger should do to stay alive, or maybe discover what happens otherwise.


  • Multiple choice story
  • 15 different endings
  • Humoristic references to pop-culture products, movies, books and TV shows
  • Quick and easy read, suitable to younger audiences
  • Available in Kindle Unlimited

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