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Deciding book projects to come...

As an author, I have often found myself in a dilemma when it comes to choosing my next project. Do I continue with the last book topic, or do I take on a completely new challenge? Should I explore a genre that has always intrigued me or stick to the one that brought me success in the past?

My last book was a hit among developers, so I’m tempted to write more on a related topic. At the same time, since my daily work requires me to use the same tools, it can feel overwhelming and more of the same.

This brings me to the question… Why do I want to write the next book? At this point in my life, it is because I want to. I want to set on paper stories that I’d like to read and have not yet been spoken. I also want to share things I learned on my trade, before they fade away. I am blessed that I can do this out of passion.

I have in mind the following ideas, one for a novel and another for a technical book:

  • An epic novel involving elements of magic, science, and political betrayals. Think of Lord of the Rings mixed with Game of Thrones… ambitious, but perhaps not so grand.
  • A book on hybrid desktop applications using the excellent NWJS framework, and of course, using Vue 3x and NodeJS.

Once I have either of these projects in a more advanced state, I’ll spread the news. What I have decided already, is that it should be published this year, to keep with my personal goals.

To be continued…

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